• Creating art for journals to inspire and uplift

Creating art for journals to inspire and uplift

Do you ever feel like you just need to get the thoughts in your head down on paper?

I’m talking about the kinds of thoughts that go deep, things that stir up our emotions (good and bad) or the life experiences we are trying to process or maybe dreams and goals that we are planning out.  It could even be story ideas, poems, song lyrics, you name it.  In my own life, I have found that journaling is a great way to get it all down.

And now you can journal in style.

These paperback journals come in two sizes, a somewhat standard 5.75”x8” size and a larger 7.25”x10” size.  With 100 leaves of lined paper (or 200 pages to write on) you will have plenty of space to get everything written down .  And if later on you decide certain sections of your journal need to be removed, you will find the perforated pages easy to tear out.  You’re welcome.

So find the cover and size that fits your style, and get to journaling!