Self-portrait of Lisa Goss

Welcome to Flory Avenue Designs!

Hi!  I’m Lisa.

 If I could choose any place to spend my free time, it would be one of three places:
  • Anywhere with lots of trees and foliage and a water feature nearby. Bonus if I have art supplies and a good book with me.
  • A museum or library filled with old books and ancient artifacts just waiting for me to add to my stash of bizarre facts and random information.
  • My desk or kitchen table, listening to music and creating my latest masterpiece.
Watercolor self-portrait Lisa Goss
What is the common thread in all of these locations? They are the places that I search for beauty. When I see beautiful things or hear beautiful music or read beautiful words, I feel inspired to create beautiful things in response. It’s important to me to combat the ugliness and brokenness of the world with the beauty I see, a beauty that heals.
I want to provide products that make people smile.  I want them to have reminders that give them hope, messages that inspire.  I want to provide things that show there is still beauty and wonder to be had in a world that is broken and ugly and cold.